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How BUZZMAX DIAL DIRECT works? DIAL DIRECT is a high quality long distance service which gives you a freedom of making long distance calls from your home phone, cell phone and even your work phone. What this means is you don't switch your existing long distance carrier. You just register your phone numbers with us and start making phone calls within five minutes.

How can I signup for this service?

It's just a three step process which takes less then five minutes to activate your service.
  • You register at our web site by clicking on signup button.
  • Add money by your Visa, Master or Paypal account.
  • Register your phone numbers FROM which you will make your phone calls by clocking on Pinless access buttons.
Once you go through this three step process, you will see your local access numbers on top of you’re my account page. All you need to do is dial your local access number before making any long distance calls. No need to dial any PIN and etc.

In which cities your service is available?

The advertised rates are available in most major cities in Canada:
We have launched this Toronto GTA and Vancouver; we will be extending out service areas in other major North American cities very soon.
You can also use our service by dialing a toll free number anywhere in Canada or the U.S.A - an additional 4.0 cents per minute will be charged.

What currency you will bill me?

We are proud Canadian Company and all our advertised rates are in Canadian currency.

Can I use this service from my BUSINESS / WORK phone number?

Absolutely. Unlike other long distance companies we do not charge higher rates for business customers. You will get the same low rates for home or business. All you need to do is register your business phone numbers with us.

Can I use this service from my cell phone?

Absolutely, you can use our services from your cell phone. Our plan is great for cell phone use because you avoid paying the high long distance charges that most cell providers charge. You will still be charged your usual air time and roaming charges (if any) by your cell phone service provider.

Can I use it from a Public Payphone?

Yes. By using our toll-free number, you may use it on a public payphone. An applicable surcharge will apply.

What minute increment do you charge?

We charge in one-minute increments..

Do you provide a calling card?

Yes we do. If you would like to use the service from outside your home, ask our sales representative by sending an email

Is there any HIDDEN FEES or a MONTHLY fee?

There are NO hidden charges like monthly fees, minimum call lengths, connection charges, etc.

What are your OFFICE HOURS?

Customer service is open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST. Call 416-904-4422 or 1-866-500-1333.

What are the legal terms and conditions for using

Please see our Terms of Use.

I am all setup now but how do I DIAL using your service?

Dial the Access number in your city or the toll-free number. The numbers are listed on you’re my account page once you signup and add funds.
  • Dial your long distance phone number with area codes.
  • For Canada, USA and Caribbean dial 1 + area code + phone number + #
  • For other international countries 011 + country code + phone number + #
Tip: Entering the # sign after you have entered your phone number helps you connect faster.

I am logged in but I don’t see any access numbers?

You will see your access numbers once you add funds available.

How do I pay?

To make another call don't hang up, enter * and wait for the voice prompt.

What is Pinless access?

By clicking on Pinless access you activate your phone numbers so you can make long distance calls. You can register your home phone, cell phone and even your work phone number.

How I setup Pinless access?

Let's say you make most of your calls from your home phone.
  • Click on Pinless access
  • Add your home phone number e.g.: 14169044422
  • Click Activate
That’s it, now you can start making your long distance calls from your home phone number.

What is a Speed Dial?

You can set up to 20 numbers on you speed dial list. These are the numbers which you call most of the time. This can be done by logging into your account and choosing "Speed Dial". Once your speed dial numbers are set up you simply dial our access number and enter the speed dial position (1 to 20) plus the # key. That's it! No more dialing long numbers!

How do I setup Speed Dial?

Let’s say your home number in Pakistan is 01192215002222,
Click on my account, and then speed dial.
  • Enter your Pakistan phone number e.g. 01192215002222
  • Enter a friendly name so you can remember e.g. my home number
  • Assign a speed dial key e.g. "1"
Now going forward, whenever you need to make long distance call to your home phone, just dial our access number and then just dial "1#". You will be connected to your home automatically.

How do I see my Call Details on the website?

Log in to your account and choose – Call History.
Just press the # key after you dial the number and your connection will be a lot faster.

How do I recharge or add money in my account?

Simply sign in to your account and add funds or call our customer service and have your Visa Card ready.

Is it safe to use Credit Card on your site?

Yes absolutely. Our website is a secure website and we employ the latest encryption technology. We are an authorize merchant for VISA and Master Card. You can also use Paypal to pay.

Where do you store my credit card information?

We do NOT store your credit card information. We just process your credit card through one of the leading credit card processing company.

Can I pay you through Cash, Cheque or any other form of payment?

Sorry! At this time none of the payment option is available with us.

Do I get any monthly bill?

You can view your account balance and call details on our website. You will get an email receipt each time you charge your account.